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Challenge the Status Quo

Like the building blocks of the Green Area Chamber logo, companies assemble the building blocks of their respective businesses. Those building blocks start with a VISION which propels the company forward and ultimately the blocks include the collective ownership of the COMMUNITY and respectful appreciation for the ENVIRONMENT. It is these efforts the Green Area Chamber recognizes with their IMPACT Awards. This event honors businesses and professionals who have made focused accomplishments in one or more of these areas. The event includes a keynote speaker who addresses impact. The Chamber is always excited to celebrate those who have worked hard and made a difference.

Check out the 2015 IMPACT Awards!

Credibility is defined as both trustworthiness and expertise. Professionals obtain certifications, complete training classes, or represent years of experience to demonstrate expertise. Then the question becomes how to establish trustworthiness? Simply put trustworthiness is demonstrated by integrity, reliability, honesty and dependability. Proudly, these are all traits of our fellow business members. Remember people do business with people – with people they know, like and trust. Membership in the Green Chamber represents credibility for your business.