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Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

The Green Chamber businesses are diverse. We are large and small; We are new start-ups and well-established, known entities; and We represent retail, service and industrial businesses. Diversity in members challenges us to think outside our traditional box, provide more clarity in defining our target customer, and answering the telltale question – Do you sell what you make or make what you sell?

We are thinking 2 or 3 graphs for this page –

members by size of employer

members by industry – ??? – this is our least favorite since we are not that big in members.

members by retail, service, manufacturing

other ideas?

Explore who we are – Link to the directory

Do you know how golf and business are alike?

Unique to our event is the opportunity to grow your network outside the SummaCare Business Classic Golf Outing.  This year we introduced Business Over Coffee and Business Over Drinks.  Both these opportunities encourage the golf participants to connect with someone new from the outing, whether it’s over coffee or at our exclusive private party at 35 Brix. in August.  These additions were so successful you can look for them again next year!


 “The golf outing provides an excellent opportunity to spend a relaxing day with customers and other local business professionals. I played with Nic Pappas, the owner of Pav’s Creamery, whose son attends my preschool, The Goddard School. It was great to spend the day with Nic and his brother talking about our small businesses. I also was able to introduce Nic to other business people who could promote the Pav’s Creamery brand.  Overall it’s a well-run event that is worthy of hosting your clients and business associates. I’d highly recommend this opportunity to all businesses in Green and the surrounding area.”

Rick Beechy, The Goddard School – Uniontown