TKG Acquires Ossa Technology Solutions

TKG has grown steadily since they began back in 1997. Throughout all that time, their mission has firmly remained focused on one thing: Growing your business. They have an online marketing, web development and data services team that is equipped to make that happen.

Ossa Technology Solutions, a Managed Services provider led by Sherlock Ossa, began in 2006 and has since provided quality technology management and planning services in a tailored approach for each client. Managed IT services means businesses have the support they need for all of their computers, networks, servers and more – without the expense of operating their own IT team.

Adding Managed Services is a logical next step in the growth of TKG – and a move that fully supports their mission of growing their business. This acquisition allows them to provide another layer of services to all of their existing clients as well as offer former Ossa Technology clients additional depth of support. Their established partnership with 415 Group will allow them to expand even further to fulfill all necessary technical needs and support.

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